Friday, November 13, 2015

First novel has been accepted by Blushing Books for publication!

Just shy of my 50th birthday, I finished my first novel.

That alone has been a long time in coming.  Short stories I knew I could do.  I could wrap my head around a short story and write in a day or two, but a novel, that was different.  Since I was a teenager, I have started and crashed SO many novels.  Smoking debris just littering the ground, constantly reminding me that I had failed.

So, after the success of "Pretty When You Cry" and some mighty encouragement from fellow authors Maren Smith, Tabitha Black, Breanna Hayes and my PA and street team, I set upon writing my first novel again.  I outlined, filled in beat sheets and fleshed out a story that pretty much said things I wanted to say about my relationship and my feelings about the BDSM lifestyle.

I'm proud I finished it and I'm proud of it, period.  And as of yesterday, a publishing contract has been signed with Blushing Books for my first novel.  Just writing that sentence, that's something I didn't think I would ever write anywhere.

I want to thank everyone.  Every teacher, every mentor, every friend.  I want to thank my fellow authors and all my friends/followers/fans/stalkers on Facebook.  I especially want to thank my lovely PA, Lindsey Courtney and my amazing street team, Judi's Jewels.  Every one of you have not only been so supportive, but also inspired me to do the best I could.

Actual publication will still be a few months away at least, but I've got some other things in the chute that I can't wait to share with you about, once they get closer to fruition.  And of course, once it gets close, we'll do a cover reveal and have the BEST and BIGGEST release party!

Thank you all again so very much!  :)

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