Monday, November 9, 2015

The Want - Free Story!

Here's a story I wrote some time ago, hope you enjoy!  :)


It was just a little after 3 in the morning and she felt him.  They had fallen asleep spooning together, their bodies close and tight with her body being cradled in his arms.  And she could feel him now.  His desire pressing against her ass.  She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, her fingers clutching slightly at his arms around her.  She pressed her ass against his hard cock, feeling it slide against her panties, and nestle in between her cheeks.  She sighed audibly as he rustled, pressing back, while his hand slid idly to her breast.  He clutched it, her nipple hardening against his rough palm.  Grinding against him, he grasped her shoulder and flipped her on her back.
He was on her like an animal.  Half-asleep, but ravenous.  Holding her wrists down to the bed, he nuzzled her neck and nibbled it hungrily, lips pinching her skin as his prickly stubble raked across it.  The feeling of his control woke her up fully as she bared her neck for him.  Breathing deeply, her breasts rose, touched his hairy chest as it tickled her hard, sensitive nipples.  
She closed her eyes.  Her heartbeat quickened, flushing her cheeks hot and red as her legs opened naturally for him.  As she separated, she could feel how wet she was for his desire.  He eagerly climbed in between her welcome legs, pressing his cock against her panties, feeling how wet they were.  Moans escaped her lips, because honestly this was the best part.
As much as she wanted him, all of him, deep inside taking her, possessing her, claiming her with his cock, she loved this delicious teasing.  Feeling him press against her, her pussy drenching the cotton between her legs.  With it so damp, it was easy to feel the ridges, veins and head of his cock rubbing against her as his length slid against her, over and over.  She fought against his restraint, not because she wanted to be let go.  She didn’t want to go anywhere, or be anywhere else than right here.  She just wanted to feel his strength, his resistance, his dominance.  She threw her head back and arched her back again, her breasts rubbing against him, as he teased her mercilessly.  Her panting breaths turned to sighs, which turned into moans and then finally the begging.
“Please..  please take me.  I’m gonna cum and I want you to be inside me, taking me,” she pleaded, interrupted by the occasional gasp as he pushed his head against her swollen clit.  He knew what he was doing...and he was doing it so well.
Finally, unable to contain his intense want of her, he let go of one of her hands and strangled the cotton between her legs, pulling it to the side and then drove inside her, thrusting himself deep. He regained her wrist once he was inside and slowly stroked the length of her sweet wetness with his cock.  She fought hard against his grasp, if only to grab his hips and make him fuck her harder.  But he took his time, making sure he claimed every inch of her hungry pussy just right.  He grabbed her hair and pulled her head to one side, revealing her neck again, biting hard.
She screamed through gritted teeth, partly from the bite and also partly because he began to really lay into her, thrusting himself hard, gaining speed.  She bucked her hips to meet him, wanting to take all that she could get of him.  The first time she came, it crept up on her, he managed to hit her clit while he was driving in hard enough times to send her over the edge, she was still riding the wave of that, when the second happened on top and then she felt him pulse inside her, his thrusting becoming more urgent and fast.  Finally, he spilled his desire, marking her so deep with his cum.  At times, she could swear she could feel it fill her, his want pooling warm inside her.  She relaxed underneath him as her breathing slowed and shallowed and he loosened his grasp on her wrists.  He moved slightly to the side. laying in that cozy half on the bed, half on her body embrace.  She wrapped her arm around him, resting his head on her chest, cradling it there as he nuzzled her breasts.
As she played with his hair, she finally heard the cadence of his breathing lessen until finally the throaty exhales of him sleeping filled her ears.  She sighed and smiled gently, sated and relaxed as they lay there, entwined.  Consumed and spent by their love, filled and covered with their want.


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