Monday, December 7, 2015

Excerpt from my new novel, due out from Blushing Books in five weeks!

Hello sweeties! Its my birthday! So, I'm going to share an excerpt from my new novel, due out from Blushing Books January 12th! A love story set in a small town in the contemporary Midwest Great Plains. Jack Avery, a big city transplant to Flaxville is still adjusting to small town life when he meets the voluptuous and beautiful librarian, Nadja Koenig. Will secrets from his past unravel their relationship before it even has a chance to blossom?

In this excerpt, Jack has finally opened up about his BDSM lifestyle, only to find that Nadja's eyes had already been opened years earlier when she read the lifestyle classic "Story of O" by Pauline Reage.


  He reached around her to zip down the zipper at the back of her dress. It stuck in a couple of places, but he was able to get it down without a lot of trouble. She could feel the warmth of his body, like she felt it in the barn and part of her wanted to swipe his hands away and rip her own clothes off for him. She steadied her breathing instead and had to admit, the anticipation was exhilarating. After he had taken the zipper as far as it would go, he reached down and slowly pulled her dress over her head. He tossed the dress over a chair and just stood there.
  Nadja felt self-conscious all of a sudden, standing there in just her bra and panties. She looked down, avoiding his gaze, her chin beginning to tremble. "Are you just going to stand there and look at me?" She said finally.
  "For awhile."
  "And why's that?"
  He walked around her and and looked her body up and down, admiring her soft, round curves. After he had come back to where he had began he said, "Because I want to admire what's mine, baby."
  She felt her cheeks heat up with a combination of excitement and some embarrassment. She shifted on her feet, partially due to being uncomfortable, but also due to the increasing tingling sensation between her legs. "You keep this up, Sir, and you will just have to peel these wet panties off me."
  Jack leaned in again to whisper, "Is that what I'm smelling baby? That sweet rich excitement coming from your lovely treasure?"
  She closed her eyes and put her forehead against his chest. "Yes sir", her voice trembled.
  He grabbed her by the hair again and pulled her firmly from his chest and bent her over the bed, so she was looking in the box, at all Jack's implements. He stood behind her, nestling his hard passion, still concealed by his slacks, against her ass. Nadja moaned softly when she felt this, her hands on the bed holding herself up, gazing at all the things she had only seen pictures of online and in her dreams. The smell of leather was intoxicating and the feel of Jack grinding into her was driving her crazy. His foot tapped the inside of her leg and she spread her feet. He pressed against her harder and she gasped, her hands clutching the bedspread.
  "You pick what you want to have a taste of first. Pick one toy and then I'll restrain you to my bed and you can finally see what this all feels like."
  Nadja bit her lip, she had to pick just one? She looked at the tawse again and then the crop. The cane looked deliciously lethal, but felt that to begin with, the flogger would be her best bet. She held it up for him to see.
  "Sticking with the flogger, huh?"
  "Yes sir, I thought it best for the first time."
  "Good choice." He pulled her hair to stand her up. "All right, now look me in the eyes, because this is important."
  She turned to face him and he looked her straight in the eye. "Unless you're comfortable using something else, the safeword will be red."
  She nodded.
  "Please remove the rest of your clothes and when you're ready, lay down on the bed, on your tummy." He took the box off the bed and walked over to his dresser, setting it there. She reached back to undo her bra and slipped it off, looking over at Jack. He was rummaging through the box, getting out some clothespins and setting them on the dresser. Her breath quickened at the sight of those as she began to take off her panties. She was just about to slide them down her legs, when a glint of silver in Jack's direction caught her eye.
  "What's that?"
  "It's a Wartenburg wheel," he said, as he walked toward her, the gleaming silver tool in his hand. "Finish taking those off."
  She did as she was instructed and stood back up.
  He held out his hand, palm up. "Let me see your palm."
  Her eyes widened a bit as she looked at his open hand and the tool he was holding in the other.
  Jack gave her a look. "I'm going to be beating your ass in a few minutes, do you think you could trust me enough to give me your palm?" He said, chuckling.
  Nadja huffed playfully and put her open palm in his. He gently placed the spiked wheel on her tender palm and rolled it across. She drew in a sharp intake of air, it wasn't painful, but the sensation was prickly and ticklish at the same time. He pulled her palm toward him and she stepped closer so they were toe to toe.
  "Now imagine that rolling across your freshly flogged, cherry red and sensitive ass."
  Nadja bit her lip and sighed.
  Jack put the tool in his back pocket, smiling. "I think I'll be keeping that handy."


I'll be sharing more in the weeks to come, so keep a look out!  :)