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Book Spotlight : Laura's Longing by Jessica Brand

Laura's Longing


Jessica Brand

Where is the line between pain and pleasure?

A story of love and exploration. Laura is the quintessential all American small town girl, the vivacious cheerleader who is saving herself for the love of her life. Unfortunately the love of her life is the bad boy in town. Young love being what it is, she finally decides he’s the one to make her a woman and she develops a plan for her fairytale outcome. Unfortunately her fairytale turns into a horror story when she finds her beau, in flagrante delicto with another girl bent over the kitchen table.

In her anger and her grief she seeks solace from her closest girlfriend and after purging some of her pent up lust in the arms of her friend she decides the town is not big enough for all of them and moves to the city to make a new life. Accepting an offer of accommodation in Denver from a mysterious woman a few years older than herself, Laura soon discovers activities taking place in her host’s basement studio that defy Laura’s comprehension. Initially shocked at what she witnesses, her shock turns to arousal as she watches erotic games involving activities she had no idea were possible.

Determined to explore further, she convinces her host introduce her to this strange world of bondage and discipline where the lines between pain and pleasure are blurred, where being spanked could be erotic or agonizing, depending on one’s perspective. Her first experience convinces her she needs more and after unexpectedly meeting a new love, sets about introducing him to the BDSM netherworld. Ensuring he learns from experience, Laura is finally satisfied as their love is consummated in the erotic confines of her housemate’s dungeon.

It is not for the faint hearted as it takes the reader into the highly erotic world of consensual BDSM.

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 There was a pregnant pause as they both looked at each other, trying to work out what to say next. Finally Amanda spoke. "You know, don't you?"
"I know what?"
"You know what the noises were."
"I'm not sure what you mean."
"My studio door was ajar. You must have worked out the noises were coming from there. I had Noah over for much of the night. Sometimes we can get a bit noisy. If I had known the door was ajar, I would have kept the noise down."
Laura continued to look at her, not quite knowing where to steer the conversation from here. Her small town innocence was fighting against her desperate need to know more. Eventually she spoke. "I am pretty sure you were being as quiet as you could under the circumstances."
Amanda's jaw dropped. "You saw."
Laura continued to stare, tears welling in her eyes. She got up and hugged her friend. "Oh Amanda. I'm sorry. You poor, poor thing."
"It's all right. Noah said that he sensed there was someone out there at one point. I had been too far out of it to notice. I dismissed it as him being paranoid."
"How could he do that to you? The brute."
"How could he do what to me?" Amanda quickly realized what Laura was thinking. "Oh God – No. You think he was… you think he was hurting me."
"It was obvious he was hurting you. I saw the cane. I saw the marks. I saw him gag you to shut you up. I saw what he did to your nipples."
Amanda was smiling with a decidedly dreamy expression as Laura's described what she saw. "Yes. It was quite amazing wasn't it? It was by far the most explosive orgasm I have ever experienced. I thought I was going to pass out. I had to change the sheets, they were so… oh that's probably more information than you want to hear," she said chuckling to herself.
"Where I come from, they would not be considered the actions of a gentleman."
"Oh Laura! As Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz, you are no longer in Kansas, or Podunk, Nebraska. You are in the big city. There are some things that people say and do here that will blow you away. I think it's time for your worldly education to begin."
"But your butt… your nipples…"
"What about them? Would you like to see?" Amanda spun around and dropped her pants.
The shock of seeing Amanda's still swollen and extremely colorful derriere exposed, startled Laura. Coffee spewed from Laura's mouth and nose in an extremely unladylike way, sending her into a coughing fit. She accepted the dish towel Amanda offered. She sopped up her mess, grateful for the chance to get her thoughts under control.
"Touch it, Laura."
"I… I really don't think…"
"I know that, but I said, touch it," Amanda replied sharply.


Jessica Brand is a pseudonym for a writer based in Sydney, Australia. She has a number of books published under different pen names, all of them containing elements of BDSM, power and control. Much of what she writes about comes from her experience over many years, both as a Dominant and as a submissive and as her stories unfold you will find yourself "living" the scene. 

If power and sexual control are not your thing, it might be better to seek your reading enjoyment elsewhere. 

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