Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Five weeks until the release of "Smart As A Whip"!

New Novel due out in five weeks from Blushing Books!

Hello lovlies! Its so good to have you visit. This week starts the countdown to the release of my second novel. During the promotional appearances I made for my first novel, "Nadja's Choice", I would get asked that if I were to write in any other genre, what would it be?

I would usually answer that I'd love to write a mystery, but of course in my own style. That style being with a modicum of twisted sex and naughtiness! When I finally set down to write a new novel, I decided to go ahead and do just that. 

And you all will be able to have it for your very own in five short weeks!

The lead character, Kimber Cassidy, is a twenty-something, intelligent, plus-size, in-your-face and confident redhead who does not suffer fools gladly. A family friend, Manny Escalera is a person of interest in a local murder and as evidence against him mounts, Kimber is put under pressure to right the injustice of an innocent man being framed.  She pulls from her experience and advice she got from her detective father, Douglas Cassidy, who was killed when Kimber was 16, during a drug raid. 

The murder of Jim Trace took place outside a local BDSM playspace and as she investigates not only the murder, but also this sexually provocative lifestyle, she has to fight to keep her focus where it should be.

Jeremy Chambers, a longtime member of the club, has his eye on Kimber and starts to pursue her for his own interests.  Will Kimber be able to solve the crime? Will she succumb to her deep desires and explore this new lifestyle with Jeremy? What if he is the killer himself? All these questions spin around this gripping and sexy novel along with some earth-shaking secrets that concern Kimber herself, secrets which just may unravel her dreams of being an investigator and solving crimes like her father, before they even start.

In this snippet, we get our first glimpse of Kimber and I know you all will love her just as much I do!


She sat up on the edge of the bed and Watson stirred from his doggie bed on the far side of the bedroom and padded his way toward her. She smiled as he rested his head on her leg. Petting him and giving him a kiss on his head, she thought about when she first saw him. Watson was a rescue dog, an older golden retriever. She saw him one afternoon at the shelter a couple of years ago and Watson was hers ever since. Stretching again, she stood up and made her way into the bathroom.
She looked in the mirror to check herself and nodded her approval. Red hair, long in loose curls. Big blue eyes, a round face, cheeks with dimples. Her ample breasts were a perfect compliment to her wonderfully wide hips. If there were a label, she would be called plus size, but she thought labels were for soup cans, so she just settled for ‘awesome’. Besides the mirror, the bathroom had a sink, a shower, a toilet and a small counter in front of the mirror. What it didn’t have was a scale, not since she threw it away some years back and thought everyone can just shut the fuck up. It also didn’t have her favorite hairbrush. It went missing a couple of weeks ago and she was having to make do with a cheapie brush she had found in her purse. She brushed through her hair, so the ‘just fucked’ look wasn’t quite so obvious. Kimber turned, so she could look back and see her right shoulder blade in the mirror. She paused and looked at her tattoo. A valentine heart, colored black except for her dad’s detective badge number in the center. She got it ten years ago when she had just turned sixteen and her mom had to sign off on it. But she didn’t have a problem with it, her mom understood why.

She didn’t have any plans for the day, so she put on minimal makeup, just some eyeliner and lipstick and got dressed. Today had started out promising enough, which was certainly better than last night had started out, which was a rather disappointing night at the club. But, a quick call to Derrick had solved all that. She walked into the kitchen to fix some coffee and glanced at the calendar. She wondered if last night was club night for her mom. Of course ‘club night’ for mom was different, It wasn’t the type of club that Kimber had gone to. It was the type of social club that catered to different types of interests. Interests that involved paddles, rope and whips. And to be honest, that’s as much as she wanted to know involving all that and her mom.


In five short weeks, "Smart As A Whip", the first novel featuring Kimber Cassidy will be available on Amazon! Mark your calendars for May 25th! You do not want to miss it! 

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