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Four Weeks until the release of "Smart As A Whip"!

New novel coming soon from Blushing Books!

Hello Lovlies! Thank you for checking back for another week of Kimber news and a snippet from my upcoming novel, "Smart As A Whip"!

When I first thought about writing a mystery, I naturally thought of my sleuth as an intelligent woman, but hadn't gotten too far as to who she was. Then, one evening, I was on Facebook and saw a post from Kimberly Cortez, a member of my street team, "Judi's Jewels". The post had a series of pictures all with plus-size redheaded models. The attitude captured in these pics just spoke to me and I knew at once, I had my character. I immediately wrote a post on FB saying as much, just kinda writing off the top of my head what I was thinking this character would be, but that I didn't have a name yet.

In the comments, Kimberly popped up and said that she always thought "Kimberly" was a wonderful name. Is that so, babygirl? Lol. She also mentioned that people would call her "Kimbers" a lot.  I turned the name over in my head and while I thought "Kimbers" might be a little cute for the character, "Kimber" just seemed to stick like glue. I searched a bit through some last names and came up with Cassidy and there you are... pretty much the birth of "Kimber Cassidy"  :)

Kimber Cassidy, is a twenty-something, intelligent, beautiful, plus-size, in-your-face and confident redhead who does not suffer fools easily or at all. A family friend, Manny Escalera is a person of interest in a local murder and as evidence against him mounts, Kimber is put under pressure to right the injustice of an innocent man being framed.  She pulls from her experience and advice she got from her detective father, Douglas Cassidy, who was killed when Kimber was 16, during a drug raid. 

The murder of Jim Trace took place outside a local BDSM playspace and as she investigates not only the murder, but also this sexually provocative lifestyle, she has to fight to keep her focus where it should be.

Jeremy Chambers, a longtime member of the club, has his eye on Kimber and starts to pursue her for his own interests.  Will Kimber be able to solve the crime? Will she be able to clear an innocent man's name and keep him from spending his life in jail? Will she succumb to her deep desires and explore this new lifestyle with Jeremy? What if he is the killer himself? All these questions spin around this gripping and sexy novel along with some earth-shaking secrets that concern Kimber herself, secrets which just may unravel her dreams of being an investigator and solving crimes like her father, before they even start.

In this snippet, Kimber first meets Jeremy Chambers  and the group leader, Daniel, at the BDSM playspace and starts to ask questions concerning the murder of club member, Jim Trace.


        There were a few people in the social area. One was a tall and slender man, Kimber guessed mid-40’s, with a full head of brown hair, parted to the side. The man glanced in her direction.
        “I’m sorry, I’ve told all reporters and media to contact me later, I have my email available on our website.”
        “Oh, I’m sorry, no. I’m Kimber, Millie’s daughter.”
        “You’re Kimber?”
        “Yes, she and my dad Douglas come here…to play.” She finished weakly.
        The man smiled and held out his hand. “Well, I’ve heard a lot about you, Kimber. Its good to finally meet you. My name is Daniel, I’m the leader of the group.”
        Daniel had been talking to another man, and Kimber let herself linger a bit on him. Both men had just a few inches on her, so she guessed they were both around 6 feet tall, but the second man wore it better. He had broad shoulders and an expansive chest. Even in clothes, he looked muscular, like there was some kind of power, coiled inside him. His stance was even and he had his hands hung down at his sides, a simple confident pose. He would nod at Daniel’s remarks, and when he spoke, his voice was deep and rich. He would gesture to punctuate what he was saying, his long fingers seeming to gracefully caress his words.
        “So, you’re Millie’s daughter?” he asked, smiling. He extended his hand. “My name is Jeremy, its a pleasure to meet you.”
        Kimber shook his hand. His hand was warm and his long fingers wrapped around her hand, shaking it firmly. She couldn’t keep the blush from rising in her cheeks, which just made her blush even more. “It’s a pleasure to meet you too.” She really didn’t know what else to say. “I’m sorry for what happened.”
        Daniel shook his head. “Yeah, its been a shock and a loss in a lot of different ways.”
        “A lot of different ways?” Kimber said.
        “Well, the loss of a member, of course,” he paused, taking a handkerchief out of his back pocket and wiped his forehead with it, “and the loss of a friend.”
        “Was he a close friend of yours?”
        “No, we never really saw each other outside of club activities. He could be a pain in the ass, to be honest, but he usually got things going. He was usually the first one to play at the parties and that usually gets the others looking to do their scenes. He was always willing to introduce to people to different types of activities. And he was a switch, so he was versatile in that respect and that helped facilitate people to play.”
        “A scene?”
        “Yes, when two or more people engage in BDSM activity, it’s called a scene. Generally, there’s a negotiation up front, so everybody involved knows and can consent to what’s going to happen. Then the scene itself and when its over, there’s aftercare, if needed.”
        “And you said he was a switch, do you mean he was bi?”
        “No sorry, I guess I was tossing a bit of terminology around,” Daniel said and smiled, “A switch is someone who can be a top or a bottom. They can be the one giving the spanking, paddling, applying the hot wax, whatever the action is and the bottom is the one who receives the action.”
        “Thank you,” Kimber felt heat rush to her face. She really didn’t like being out of her element, but she was getting the feeling this was something she was going to have to get used to if she wanted to do this. “How long had Jim been a member?”
        “About four years ago, I guess?” Daniel looked to the man who he had been talking to.
        “Yeah, that sound about right.” He nodded.
        “I just can’t believe they arrested Uncle Manny.”
        “Uncle Manny?”
        “He’s been a family friend for years, I just always called him that.”
        Daniel nodded. “I was shocked when they took Manny into custody.”
        “You don’t think he did it?”
        “Well, I guess it was just the surprise of it. I mean, the police had their reasons. But it wouldn’t have occurred to me, no.”
        “To be honest, that’s kinda why I’m here. I wanted to look into it and see what I could find out.”
        “So, putting your Dad’s skills to work, are you?” Daniel smiled.
        “I guess I just couldn’t stand by and do nothing.”
        “I can understand that. Is there anymore you’d like to ask me?”
        Kimber dug her pen and notebook out of her purse.
        “Where were--” Kimber stopped. She was going to ask Daniel where he was at the time of the murder to establish his alibi, but then realized she didn’t even know time of death. God, how the hell am I supposed to do this? She felt like she didn’t know anything and started to panic. Daniel looked at her to complete her sentence and Kimber took a deep breath.
        “Who found the body?” She asked.
        “Actually, a couple of people. They were going out for a smoke and went to the opposite side of the building that’s not frequented much. They came in, in shock, and found me. I went outside to get a good look and then called 911.”
        “And what time was that?”
        “Around 10:30. I couldn’t get over the amount of blood, he was just covered. I tried to feel for a pulse and yelled his name a few times. I didn’t want to disturb anything, but I did shake him a bit. But from I could tell, he was dead.” Daniel shook his head.
        “When was Jim last seen alive?”
        He paused and thought a bit, folding and refolding his handkerchief, his hands shaking a little. “Um, I guess around 9. We were having a discussion about the club and then I was called away.”
        “And so, where were you between nine and ten-thirty?”
        “Well, on a playparty night, I’m usually running around with my head cut off,” he said, chuckling, “and of course, last night we were having the celebration, so I was especially busy, making sure that things were going according to plan.”
        “Yes, it was the group’s anniversary. Our thirteenth, so it was an important night.”
        Kimber made note then asked, “Can anyone verify exactly where you were?”
        Daniel shrugged. “Like I said, I’m kinda of a whirlwind, so I’m afraid not. I told the police the same thing last night."
        Kimber put his notepad and pen back in her purse. “Is there anyway I can see the crime scene?”
        Jeremy spoke up. “Sure, they have it taped off, of course. But there’s no law saying you can’t look.” He smiled again.
        Kimber felt the heat intensify and nodded. “Sounds good.”
        “Why don’t you show her where it is, Jeremy? I still have some things I need to tend to in here.”
        “No problem. Let’s go out the back, Kimber, its easier to get around to the other side.”
        Kimber smiled. “Lead the way.”


In four short weeks, "Smart As A Whip", the first novel featuring Kimber Cassidy will be available on Amazon! Mark your calendars for May 25th! You do not want to miss it! 

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  1. I'm so excited about this book. Judith Anderson's talent for bring characters to life is beyond amazing. I'm honored to be a small part of the creation of such a strong, sassy and classic heroine.