Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Three Weeks until the release of "Smart As A Whip"!

New Novel due out in three weeks from Blushing Books!

Hi lovlies! When I first envisioned the character of Kimber, I put in the mid-30's age range, and when I thought of someone similar I imagined a Melissa McCarthy-type. But as I worked out the plot, I realized that the age skewered other things about the story and I didn't like where it was going. 

Just then, the song, "Secrets" by Mary Lambert came on over Spotify and I looked down at my phone and saw this...

... and the whole thing just coalesced. I knew Miss Lambert was in her mid-20's, so I checked the other plot elements and realized it would work perfectly. The album cover meant a lot to me. Her look on this album cover spoke loads into this character and was a big inspiration.

And you'll be able to read all about her in three short weeks!

Kimber Cassidy is a twenty-something, intelligent, beautiful, plus-size, in-your-face and confident redhead who does not suffer fools easily or at all. A family friend, Manny Escalera is a person of interest in a local murder and as evidence against him mounts, Kimber is put under pressure to right the injustice of an innocent man being framed.  She pulls from her experience and advice she got from her detective father, Douglas Cassidy, who was killed when Kimber was 16, during a drug raid. 

The murder of Jim Trace took place outside a local BDSM playspace and as she investigates not only the murder, but also this sexually provocative lifestyle, she has to fight to keep her focus where it should be.

Jeremy Chambers, a longtime member of the club, has his eye on Kimber and starts to pursue her for his own interests.  Will Kimber be able to solve the crime? Will she be able to clear an innocent man's name and keep him from spending his life in jail? Will she succumb to her deep desires and explore this new lifestyle with Jeremy? What if he is the killer himself? All these questions spin around this gripping and sexy novel along with some earth-shaking secrets that concern Kimber herself, secrets which just may unravel her dreams of being an investigator and solving crimes like her father, before they even start.

In this snippet, Jeremy Chambers shows Kimber the taped off crime scene on the side of the building where the BDSM playparties are held...


        The back door was by the concessions counter and after exiting the building, they hung a left around the side of the building. As soon as you turned the corner, the crime tape was right there, strung over and barring off more than half of the side of the building. The grass didn’t grow so well on this side, it was mainly dirt and sand. It was easy to see where the corpse was by the large, dark red stain on the ground. Kimber squinted and craned her neck to get a good look at the footprints around the stain. She leaned back and made a face.
        “They cordoned off such a wide area, I imagine its kinda hard to get a good look.” Jeremy said.
        Kimber nodded, then got an idea. She fished her smartphone out of her purse and put it in camera mode. She then used the zoom magnification to the max setting and then examined the distant ground through the view screen.
        “Wow, you’re not just pretty to look at, huh?”
        She smirked, “You might be though.”
        “Pretty accurate,” he said, smiling, “I’m sure you could’ve found the crime scene by yourself.”
        She lingered on the foot prints. “I’m sure you have your uses, Mr. Chambers.”
        Most of the footprints around the large stain had blood splatter in the print, but two sets did not. One set looked to be made with a tennis shoe. And the other appeared to be a man’s shoe with a heel. The splatter came to these prints and continued on the other side, but was not in the print itself.
        “Can I ask what you’re seeing?”
        “I think I’ve found the murderer’s footprints.” She said, pointing to the set.
        “How can you tell?”
        “All the other prints have splatter in the print itself, indicating that they were made before or after the murder. But that one set with the heel does not, indicating that the shoes was in the way while the blood was falling.”
        “Wow, excellent. I know there had been talk about some heated words between Manny and Jim over a girl. I guess that’s why they zeroed on him when they found he was wearing that type of shoe.”
        Kimber thought. They took his shoes and probably tested for blood with luminol outside. The pair must’ve tested positive, so they went ahead and took him into custody, while they ran additional tests on the shoes to determine if it’s a match for the victim. If Manny were innocent, why did his shoes have blood on them? She didn’t know if Manny was a hunter, it could possibly be animal blood.
        “I see wheels turning.”
        Kimber turned to look at Jeremy. “Just as long as you don’t smell smoke.”
        “I don’t think that’s a problem with you, hun.”
        Kimber took some shots of the prints. Something was bugging her about the heel footprints, they didn’t look right for some reason.
        “So, you’re Millie’s daughter--”
        “That’s me.”
        “But you’re not that familiar with the lifestyle.”
        “No, I guess I’m not.”
        “Well, I could help out with that, if you’d like.”
        Kimber made a face at him. “Oh, really?”
        “No no, I meant over dinner,” he said, holding his hands up, “just define some terms or answer some questions BDSM, if you had any.”
        “Over dinner.”
        “No dessert?”
        “Well,” he paused, smiling “I usually play dessert by ear.”
        “I bet you do.” She smiled in spite of herself. He took a step closer to her and she could feel his presence near, almost like a heat coming off of him in waves.
        “Just something to keep in mind.”
        “Oh, I will.” Kimber slipped her phone back in her purse. “Where were you between nine and ten-thirty?”
        “There’s no distracting you, is there?” Jeremy said. “I was in the social area.”
        “Were you were with anyone, talking to someone?”
        He shook his head. “No, I think that was around the time they were serving the cake.”
        Kimber got out her pad to make some notes. “Thanks.”
        “So, if you need anything else, or want to ask any other questions, I could give you my number.”
        “You could, huh?”
        He smiled. “Just for the sake of the investigation.”
        “What happened to dinner?” Kimber said, walking back to the back of the building to go back inside.
        “Dinner is definitely still on the table.”
        Kimber stopped and turned around to face him. “And if dinner’s on the table, where would dessert be?”
        Jeremy laughed. “Well, I guess it would depend on how hungry we were. We might just have it on the table as well.”
        She stepped closer and looked up at him. “Maybe under the table?”
        He whispered in her ear, “For starters.”
        “Oh, to start with, huh? You like big desserts?”
        Leaning back, he looked her up and down, “I love big desserts, hun.”
        She turned to enter to the building and giggling and shaking her head.


In three short weeks, "Smart As A Whip", the first novel featuring Kimber Cassidy will be available on Amazon! Mark your calendars for May 25th! You do not want to miss it! 

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