Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Two Weeks until the release of "Smart As A Whip"!

New Novel due out soon from Blushing Books!

Hi lovlies! Time is soon approaching and hopefully I'll be sending out ARCs to a select few and revealing the cover soon.  Also, me and my PA, Lindsey Courtney are planning a smash release takeover event that you will not want to miss!  :)

Kimber Cassidy, is a twenty-something, intelligent, beautiful, plus-size, in-your-face and confident redhead who does not suffer fools easily or at all. A family friend, Manny Escalera is a person of interest in a local murder and as evidence against him mounts, Kimber is put under pressure to right the injustice of an innocent man being framed.  She pulls from her experience and advice she got from her detective father, Douglas Cassidy, who was killed when Kimber was 16, during a drug raid. 

The murder of Jim Trace took place outside a local BDSM playspace and as she investigates not only the murder, but also this sexually provocative lifestyle, she has to fight to keep her focus where it should be.

Jeremy Chambers, a longtime member of the club, has his eye on Kimber and starts to pursue her for his own interests.  Will Kimber be able to solve the crime? Will she be able to clear an innocent man's name and keep him from spending his life in jail? Will she succumb to her deep desires and explore this new lifestyle with Jeremy? What if he is the killer himself? All these questions spin around this gripping and sexy novel along with some earth-shaking secrets that concern Kimber herself, secrets which just may unravel her dreams of being an investigator and solving crimes like her father, before they even start.

In this week's snippet, Kimber and Jeremy go on their first date, which to Kimber, is part fact-finding mission and part curiosity as to why this man intrigues her so much...


It ended up not being a place Kimber was familiar with. It was out of the way, on the severe west end of town. Jeremy opened the door for her to the restaurant and once she was inside, she caught the tone of the place immediately. Dark with candlelight, cloth tablecloths and napkins and full place settings. Once they were seated, she looked around some more, her eyes taking a little bit to get used to the dim light.
Do they keep it dim in here so you can’t see the food or the price you’re paying for it?” Kimber chided.
Actually, they don’t have prices in the menu.”
So, it’s one of those just-assume-it’s-expensive menus.” She picked hers up from the table and started looking.
Exactly.” He said.
Kimber looked over the entrees and settled on one. Just then, their waitress came by with their water and took their order, Kimber’s first.
I’ll have the Prime rib, medium rare, baked potato with everything. Caesar salad, and a glass of Merlot with dinner.”
Jeremy smiled at her order and said, “Give me the same and go ahead and just bring a bottle of Merlot.”
The server nodded, taking note and then left with their menus.
I have to say, I’m a little surprised.” Jeremy said.
How’s that?”
Most women prefer a sweet wine, a Moscato or some light white wine.”
Well I’ll admit, I’ve drunk my share of screw-top fruit-on-the-label wine, but with prime rib, it has to be Merlot.”
Wow, more things in common.”
Is that right? Do they have big desserts here?”
I’m looking at one right now, honey.”
Kimber shook her head, placing her napkin in her lap. “Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.”. She looked up to the ceiling and finally heard the music that was playing faintly. “’Night and Day’?”
He cocked his ear and listened. “Yes, I think so. Cole Porter fan?”
Kimber smiled. “Dad used to listen to a lot of old standards. Cole Porter, Sinatra, Nancy Wilson, Billie Holiday.
How about Paul Whiteman?”
That was another favorite. I always liked Dizzy Gillespie and early Miles Davis.”
He nodded. “What else do you listen to?”
To be honest, I listen to just about any genre. Life’s too short to only listen to Top40 anything.”
The waitress came back with their salads, bottle of Merlot and two glasses. She opened the bottle for them and poured their wine.
I think I’ll drink to that,” he said, raising his glass.
Kimber raised hers. She took a small sip of her Merlot and wallowed a bit in the rich warm texture. She nodded in approval and looked at Jeremy. “So, how long exactly have you been with the group?”
I joined a bit after it started. Daniel had been doing small playparties around town and finally decided to create a permanent playspace, so that’s how the group came to be. I joined about six months after they began. Your parents were already there.”
That gave Kimber a jolt. “I guess I hadn’t thought about that.”
Yeah, I knew your father. He was an old hand by the time I came along. Then again, I was only 19,” he said, chuckling, “god, I was green.”
Kinda embarrassing?”
First time at a playparty, I came in with this belt that had hooks and attachments, so I could hang my floggers and hanks of rope from.”
Kimber winced. “You were wearing a utility belt?”
Jeremy laughed. “Yep, really thought I was hot shit too. Your dad gave me a lot of grief about that.”
I can imagine.”
But he was a good guy, very knowledgeable and friendly. You could ask him anything and he’d be happy to show you.”
Kimber rubbed her forehead a bit. It was still difficult to think of her parents this way and tried to think of a way to steer him off the subject.
I guess you met other friends in the group?”
Yeah, I did. About two years in, a guy named Jack joined the group and we became very good friends. But then he moved away, so I’ve been kinda tooling around by myself.”
I’m sorry to hear that, did he move far away?”
He might as well have. Moved to Flaxville.”
Oh wow.”
I know, he might as well have moved to the moon. He keeps trying to get me to visit him down there and I keep trying to get him back up here,” he said, chuckling, “I guess, eventually someone will win the tug of war. Actually, he’s met a woman down there and they seem pretty attached. So, I guess I’ll give in soon. So, besides being an amateur sleuth, what else do you do?”
I work at the paper.”
Are you a reporter?”
Yeah, just puff pieces, human interest type stuff.”
Jeremy narrowed his eyes. “Sounds like something you’d rather not do.”
No, it’s not.”
I think you’d rather be like your dad. He always did brag on you.”
He did?”
Jeremy nodded. “Not that you came up all the time, but when you did, it was usually in reference to something you had figured out. Like the uncomfortable time you figured out what they were doing on their Saturday nights.”
Kimber covered her face. That was a bit of a revelation, she thought, awkward for everyone involved. They all agreed at the time that those activities were on a need to know basis. “Yeah, that was an evening to remember. So, what do you do?”
I’m assistant manager at a hotel here in town.”
Oh cool, that sounds interesting.” Kimber said.
Jeremy laughed. “You’re a horrible liar.”
I promise I’ll work on that.”
Honest?” Jeremy asked, winking. “So, what do you like to do for fun?”
Wow, that could get you some interesting answers.”
I love interesting answers.”
Kimber giggled. “Well, I love music, I love doing cryptograms. I don’t watch a lot of tv. I used to read Tarot cards, I need to get back to that, I kinda miss it.”
That is an interesting answer. You’ll have to give me a reading sometime.”
What do you think I’ll find out?” she asked, winking.
Is there a spanking card in the deck?”
Not that I’ve seen.”
Then I have no idea.” Jeremy said and smiled.
She had to admit she was enjoying this. Most people were cowed by either her attitude or her intelligence. But Jeremy was doing a good job dealing with both. She cleared her throat and got back to the task at hand. “What is Daniel like?”
Daniel?” he said, as he took a bite of salad and thought while he chewed, “He’s organized, friendly--”
Does he have a temper?”
He paused to think. “Not that I know of, but then, the only time I see him is at playparties.”
What kind of play is he into?”
A little impact play, but mainly sensation play, hot wax, knifeplay, that sort of thing.”
Knifeplay?” Kimber asked.
Yeah, no cutting is involved. It’s just tracing the steel edge against skin, again it’s just a type of sensation play.”
I see.”
Actually I thought it was kinda ironic, in a morbid kind of way.” Jim said, as he finished his salad.
About Jim. He was into decorative cutting and bloodplay as a bottom. Then he ends up being stabbed like that.”
Cutting? Bloodplay?”
Yes, an area of skin is sterilized and then cut with a scalpel. Patterns can be done or a simple picture. It’s a type of body modification, like a tattoo or piercing, if you want to think of it that way.”
Jeremy finished his salad and put his fork down
So, is this why you agreed to go out with me? So you could ask about Daniel?”
Kimber giggled.
First you texted about birthdays, then you asked about him tonight--”
Jealous much?”
I’m just saying.” he said.
Jeremy poured her a second glass as their steaks showed up. Kimber cut into hers and just from the feel of the knife sliding through the meat. she could tell it was going to be good. The steam coming off her baked potato with the sour cream and butter melting down the side and the soft warm rolls, it all looked delicious.
Did they cook your steak the way you wanted it?” Jeremy asked.
Yes,” she said, popping the first bite in her mouth. Her eyes closed a bit as the bite just melted in her mouth and she reached for her glass of wine to sip with her bite. Wine’s not a drink you gulp, her dad would say, it’s a seasoning, like salt and pepper. It all mingled in her mouth in a blissful dance. She nodded and swallowed. “They did a very good job.”
That’s why I like coming here. Good atmosphere, good food and now I’ve got good company.”
Sounds like a trifecta.”
So, why did you ask me out?” Kimber asked.
Yes, the truth is preferable.”
Well,” he said, smiling, “this might sound kinda hokey.”
Kimber exhaled. “That might cost you points.”
I was afraid of that.”
Go ahead, it can’t be that bad.”
Jeremy thought for a bit. “From the moment you walked in the door at the playspace that one day, I just felt a catch.”
A catch? You mean, in your breath?”
In everything, actually. I was really scattered then. We had just had this tragedy happen and a lot of things were up in the air and members were worried and very concerned. And then, you walked in. I just focused on you. To be honest, you were breathtaking, Kimber.”
Kimber took a bite of her potato and thought while she chewed. “I’m trying to think what I was wearing.”
It wasn’t what you were wearing, honey. It was, I don’t know, your manner. You seem very aware, positive and confident.”
So, it’s not just my breasts?” Kimber asked, winking.
Jeremy shook his head and laughed. “No. I mean, you are very attractive. But the sexiest thing a woman can have is confidence.”
Kimber nodded. “Okay, that was just a little bit hokey, but I’ll let it pass.”
Well, just because it’s hokey, doesn’t mean it’s not true.”
She smirked. “So, I imagine you’re a ’Top’?”
Yes, I am.”
Why type of play are you into?”
Impact play mostly.”
So, spanking, flogging, paddling…”
Also caning, I’m currently loving this new tawse I’ve gotten.”
It’s kinda hard to explain. It’s a leather strap, but it’s been split in two.”
Kimber nodded, trying to visualize it in her head and biting her lip.
I’ll show you sometime.” He said, winking.
Oh, you think so?”
He laughed again. “I know you’re at least a little bit curious.”
Oh yeah, how do you know that?”
You’ve been squirming in your seat since we’ve started talking about it.”
Kimber checked herself and made a face, then tried to shrug it off. “Maybe my panties are just riding up.”
He leaned forward and whispered, “Or maybe they’re just wet.”
It was her turn to lean forward and whisper. “Or maybe I’m not wearing any.”
That’s what I kinda figured in the first place.”
She giggled and leaned back, aware that she was squirming again. She made an effort to stop. Dammit, she thought.
Their server walked up to their table to get their plates.
Have you two left any room for dessert?” she asked.
Kimber licked her lips and shot a glance to Jeremy.
I think I’d just like our check please.” he said.
As the server walked away, Kimber slipped her foot out of her shoe and slid it alongside one of his legs, til it was nestled snugly in his crotch.
I do love these floor length tablecloths,” she said, smiling.
Jeremy pressed his lips together and nodded.
They do come in handy,” he said, finally.
She could easily feel his excitement bulging against his slacks and from the feel of it pressing against the length of her foot, she could tell already, this was going to be a very good evening.
Jeremy cleared his throat and leaned forward again.
Unless you want this evening to end ‘prematurely’,” he said, winking. “I suggest you put your foot back in your shoe, so we can get out of here.”
Kimber giggled. “Oooookaayyy.” she said, giving one last press on his cock, before slipping her foot back in her shoe.


In two short weeks, "Smart As A Whip", the first novel featuring Kimber Cassidy will be available on Amazon! Mark your calendars for May 25th! You do not want to miss it! 

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