Saturday, May 14, 2016

One Week until the release of "Smart As A Whip"!

New novel coming soon from Blushing Books!

There wont be much of a preamble to this blog post, but for a very special reason.  Because the novel will be out one week from TODAY, I will be post the entire first chapter today as the excerpt.

That's right! The ENTIRE first chapter!

Here's the blurb for all the new people:

Kimber Cassidy, is a twenty-something, intelligent, beautiful, plus-size, in-your-face and confident redhead who does not suffer fools easily or at all. A family friend, Manny Escalera is a person of interest in a local murder and as evidence against him mounts, Kimber is put under pressure to right the injustice of an innocent man being framed.  She pulls from her experience and advice she got from her detective father, Douglas Cassidy, who was killed when Kimber was 16, during a drug raid. 

The murder of Jim Trace took place outside a local BDSM playspace and as she investigates not only the murder, but also this sexually provocative lifestyle, she has to fight to keep her focus where it should be.

Jeremy Chambers, a longtime member of the club, has his eye on Kimber and starts to pursue her for his own interests.  Will Kimber be able to solve the crime? Will she be able to clear an innocent man's name and keep him from spending his life in jail? Will she succumb to her deep desires and explore this new lifestyle with Jeremy? What if he is the killer himself? All these questions spin around this gripping and sexy novel along with some earth-shaking secrets that concern Kimber herself, secrets which just may unravel her dreams of being an investigator and solving crimes like her father, before they even start.

And now, without any further ado, the first chapter of "Smart As A Whip"!


The phone hummed against the nightstand. It moved as it vibrated, signaling a call. She ignored it and grabbed the headboard, pressing herself downward on the bed. Kimber Cassidy drew her chin up to her chest, panting. She was just about there, when he looked up.
Are you gonna get that?”
She dropped her head against the pillow in frustration, then looked back up and rapped at his head between her legs. “The only thing I’m concerned about now is you eating me out.”
He dodged the hit, chuckled and continued. Kimber tried to relax, when the phone started vibrating again. Fucking shit, she thought, I call a favorite over and all of a sudden, it’s Grand Central Station. She closed her eyes, feeling his tongue play around her wet folds. He slipped his fingers inside her and she gasped, grabbing at the headboard again, pushing against his fingers and bearing down. His name was Derrick, one of her favorites that was especially skilled at this and right now he was licking her clit as he slid his fingers deep inside her. Deep breaths turned into the loudest moans as she squeezed around his fingers, cumming hard. He started to ease up.
No no, keep going.” She grunted. She grabbed his head and pushed him closer to her, his tongue lapping up her cum as the waves of bliss came again, sending her body into shivers.
Fuck,” she said as she relaxed her head against her pillow. Her sweet sighs filled the bedroom as he climbed up the side of her.
Sorry about the interruption, I just didn’t know if you--”
She waved her hand. “Don’t worry about it.” She took a deep breath and rubbed her eyes. She loved the dreamy high that would fill her body after a good orgasm. Like being on a cloud. A wet, sweet-smelling comfy cloud. He kissed her and she could taste herself on his lips, which made her smile.
He bit her bottom lip and she turned her head, giggling.
That’s for batting your hand at me.”
Yeah well, that was for stopping.”
His fingers slid up her curves, past her wide hips and then tracing around her nipples, smiling as they hardened under his touch.
I think I made up for it, baby.”
She bit her lip. “You better stop it, or I’ll have you down there again.”
He laughed and looked at the clock on the nightstand.
I should probably split anyway, baby, I got practice with my band in a few.”
No worries, thanks for coming over.”
He rolled out of bed and slipped into his clothes. “Any time.” He got his shoes and checked his wallet and keys.
Later babe.” he said, kissing her before he left.
He left through the front door and she heard it click shut. She lived in a duplex with a shared yard, but the older couple who lived in the other unit never used the back, so she pretty much had the yard for herself and her dog, Watson. She stretched large in her bed and yawned. Checking the time, she figured it was good as any time to get up on a Saturday.
She sat up on the edge of the bed and Watson stirred from his doggie bed on the far side of the bedroom and padded his way toward her. She smiled as he rested his head on her leg. Petting him and giving him a kiss on his head, she thought about when she first saw him. Watson was a rescue dog, an older golden retriever. She saw him one afternoon at the shelter a couple of years ago and he was hers ever since. Stretching again, she stood up and made her way into the bathroom.
She looked in the mirror to check herself and nodded her approval. Red hair, long in loose curls. Big blue eyes, a round face, cheeks with dimples. Her ample breasts were a perfect compliment to her wonderfully wide hips. If there were a label, she would be called plus size. But she hated labels, so she just settled for ‘awesome’. Other than the mirror, the bathroom had a sink, a shower, a toilet and a small counter in front of the mirror. What it didn’t have was a scale, not since she threw it away some years back and thought everyone can just shut the fuck up. It also didn’t have her favorite hairbrush. It went missing about two weeks ago and she was having to make do with a cheapie brush she had found in her purse. She brushed through her hair, so the ‘just fucked’ look wasn’t quite so obvious.
Kimber turned, so she could look back and see her right shoulder blade in the mirror. She paused and looked at her tattoo. A valentine heart, colored black except for her dad’s detective badge number in the center. She got it ten years ago when she had just turned sixteen and her mom had to sign off on it. But she didn’t have a problem with it, her mom understood why.
She didn’t have any plans for the day, so she put on minimal makeup, just some eyeliner and lipstick and got dressed. Today had begun promising enough, which was better than last night which culminated with a rather disappointing time at the club. But, a quick call to Derrick had solved all that. She walked into the kitchen to fix some coffee and glanced at the calendar. She wondered if last night was club night for her mom. ‘Club night’ for mom was different though. It wasn’t the type of club Kimber had gone to. It was the type of social club that catered to different types of interests. Interests that involved paddles, rope and whips. And to be honest, that’s as much as she wanted to know involving all that and her mom.
Kimber poured coffee into her favorite mug and took a sip, its hot black goodness wiping away the rest of the grogginess. She walked back to her bedroom and grabbed her phone off the nightstand, checking her messages. One call was from her mom, she skipped that one for now and went to the second message, which turned out to be from Bobby Chadwick. Bobby was older than Kimber and was in the layout department at the local paper where they both worked. When she first started there, he sat down next to her in the lunchroom, struck up a conversation and they’d been friends ever since. It was through their shared interests in local music, good books and men that fueled their friendship over the three years she’d been with the paper.
Kimber? I need your help please, please pick up the phone or call me as soon as you can, I’m in dire need, it’s an emergency.”
Kimber sighed. An emergency in Bobbyland could be anything from he and his boyfriend breaking up again to the death one of his favorite fictional characters in a book he was reading. She dialed his number and he picked up on the first ring.
Oh my god, you took forever!” he said.
No, if I literally took ‘forever’, I wouldn’t be talking to you now.”
Bobby humphed. “I need your help.”
What’s up?”
I locked myself out of my apartment.”
It was an accident. It’s not like I plan to be a pain in the ass.”
I wonder sometimes.” she said.
Just get over here with your picky things please, it’s cold and I didn’t grab my jacket.”
Allright, I’ll be there in a few.”
Thanks babe!”
Kimber ended the call and grabbed her keys, making sure she had her pick case in her purse. Winter was being stubborn in East Alton and the temps were still cold, so she put on her jacket. Mild weather would peek in every now and then and the springtime rains were starting. East Alton was a moderately sized town in the Midwest, so there was just enough here to keep her entertained without getting too bored. Every once in a great while, she would give a thought about moving to a bigger city, maybe on one of the coasts. She always thought New York City would be a blast. But that took money. So, this is where she stayed. And if she wanted to be honest with herself, there was nowhere else she wanted to go. This was where she grew up and where her dad had made a living, serving the city on the force.
When she arrived at Bobby’s apartment, she found him at his doorstep, shivering dramatically.
Jesus, it’s not that cold.”
You just don’t think so because you have insulation,” he said, adding fingerquotes around insulation.
She just stood there. “Do you want me to let you in or not?”
I’m sorry. Hypothermia always makes me pissy. I can’t help it.”
Kimber smirked as she walked past him and knelt at his door. She got her pick set out and put the thin L-shaped torque wrench in the keyhole, while she slid the thin pick inside the top of the hole to set the pins in place. She had done this before numerous times before and as usual, she made quick work of it.
Oh thank God!” Bobby said, as he pushed past her and into his apartment.
Kimber shook her head. “Yeah, you’re welcome.”
You know what I mean, come in. Do you want something to drink?”
Yeah, just a coke.”
He went to the kitchen and got a couple of cans of pop and came back to the living room. Kimber had already sat down in one of the over stuffed chairs and turned on the tv to a local channel to check out the news. He offered the can to her.
Thanks.” she said, opening it.
So, how did you fare last night?”
Kimber narrowed her eyes as she took a sip.
You said you were gonna go to the club last night. How did that go?”
Oh yeah, that was a trip. So I was just sitting at the bar with my whiskey and coke getting low, when this guy in a suit walks up and sits down next to me.”
Oooo… that sounds promising. Was he a clean cut Neil Patrick Harris type or more of a Joe Manganiello?”
Do you want to hear this story or not?”
Okay fine, sorry.”
He gets himself a beer and then says to me, ‘Hey, I just noticed you from down the bar and saw your drink going on empty, so I thought I’d offer to buy you one.’ I’m like, fine, go right on ahead and buy me a drink. I told him what I was having and he gets one for me. He asked what I did, and I told him I worked at the paper and then I returned the question.”
He’s a lawyer! A doctor? A model? All of the above?”
None of the above. He goes on and on about how he’s this big executive in this major company, he brokers big deals, yadda yadda. Anyway, I feign interest while he’s blabbing and then he says, ‘So do you want to get out of here?’ I’m like ‘no, but you’re welcome to leave.’”
Bobby gives a tiny cough of disgust. “Why do you always have to be so rude?”
Kimber ignored him and continued. “He just looks at me. I say, ‘I’m not impressed.’ He says, ‘Look I just came over here because I thought you could use some attention.’”
That’s what I said. Then he comes back with, ‘How much do you weigh anyway, honey?’ I put my drink down and say, ‘Unless I’m sitting on your face, my weight is none of your business.’ I said, ’You are not a big shot executive. Your shoes show excessive wear, your slacks are worn at the knees and your jacket lapels and tie are pilling from age. Plus, your Rolex is a knockoff and your cuticles are a mess. He looks around and I say, ’Your cuticles, on your hand. You’re not a business man, you do manual labor, this old suit is borrowed and from the faint smell of rotten eggs and the excessive hand soap smell you’ve used to try to cover it up, I assume you’re either in road construction or waste disposal and you use the cover of being a hot shot to get women to fuck you.”
Aaaand, what did he do?”
He just slinked away,eyes big as saucers, wondering how I read his mind.”
Bobby shook his head. “Kimber Cassidy, making friends wherever she goes.”
She shrugged her shoulders.“This is what you get when you dad reads Sherlock Holmes stories at bedtime, instead of fuckin’ fairy tales. I finished my free drink, went home and called Derrick.”
Derrick? Oh, Anal boy.”
No, that’s Eric. Derrick’s the pussy licker.”
Ahhh, okay. Well, either way…”
It was a good time,” she said.
Wait, did I interrupt?”
Hell no, you didn’t. I finished first, then I called you back.”
That’s good, I guess.”
Besides you weren’t the only one, mom called too.”
What did she want?”
I don’t know, I haven’t listened to the message yet.”
And this is when Bobby launched into his speech about how important family is and how he lost some of his when he came out and that those are bonds that shouldn’t be broken.
I know, I’ve heard all this before,” Kimber interrupts, “Things have just been funny since dad passed away.” Kimber thought of the nice euphemisms we come up for dying. Dad didn’t just ‘pass away’, he was killed one night, while he was investigating a local drug smuggling ring. One day he was there, helping her with homework and quizzing her with trivia and then…he wasn’t. He didn’t just pass, he was torn away.
Its painful, I know,” Bobby said, “but sometimes you have to face those things. Its like where you are now.”
Kimber looked at him, puzzled.
Well, you keep talking about how you want to launch into this detective business and strike out on your own, but,you’re still at the paper. And we both know how happy you are there.”
Kimber sighed. She thought the paper job would help, but they kept giving her the cutesy puff pieces when she’d love to take a crack at some investigative journalism.
I’m just saying,” Bobby continued, “if you would quit deliberately shutting doors, maybe some would open for you.”
Kimber’s eye was caught by a “Breaking News” graphic on the tv and she turned up the volume. There was video of a gurney with a body covered by a sheet being loaded into the back of an ambulance.
A reporter’s voice came in on voiceover. “This was the scene late last night. A murder occurred outside a private club in midtown East Alton.” Kimber looked at the caption, indicating the location was around 17th and Windham street. Her mouth dropped open as she realized that was the location of the club her mom went to.
Sources indicate the body of Jim Trace was found outside the private club and it appears he had been stabbed repeatedly. After taking witness statements, police have taken into custody Manny Escelara as a person of interest.”
Oh my god,” said Kimber.
That name sounds familiar.”
That’s because I introduced you two at one of mom’s Christmas parties two years ago. I’ve just known him as ‘Uncle Manny’.” Kimber shook her head, “That’s impossible. He can’t be their guy.”
Baby, you better check your voice mail.”
Kimber dug her phone out of her purse and listened to her mom’s message.
Kimber honey? Are you there? It’s your mom, please call me as soon as you can. Something horrible happened at the club last night. Please call back as soon as you can.”
There was a desperateness to the pleading that made her uneasy and unlike Bobby, her mom wasn’t given to histrionics.
What did she say?” asked Bobby.
She’s panicked. I’m gonna call her back, can I use your bedroom?”
Oh sure hun, no problem.”
Kimber made her way back to the back bedroom, closed the door and dialed her mom’s number.
Hello? Kimber?
Mom, are you okay?”
Oh, thank god, honey, it’s been horrible.”
What happened? I saw the news. Who’s Jim Trace? Why do they think Uncle Manny killed him?”
Her mom took a deep breath. “Jim Trace was a member of the club. He was stabbed repeatedly, it was horrible.”
So, Uncle Manny was at the club?”
Yes honey, that’s how me and your dad met him. It was through local groups, then when the playspace opened up, we invited him.”
Kimber sighed and shook her head. The things you learn.
Okay, so why do they think it’s him?”
Manny and this girl in the club have been seeing each other and Jim had been making eyes at her. Apparently, when the police were questioning people at the club, some said there had been an altercation a couple of weeks ago and a threat from Manny for Jim to stay away. Plus they took his shoes at the scene and then took him into custody. I don’t know what that was all about.”
Kimber paused to think. It had been raining previously and still cloudy the past couple of days, and she could see how the ground could be damp. If there were footprints found at the scene, they probably took his shoes to check if there were the same type and size and also for testing for soil and any blood evidence. Her shoulders sagged. If they did, the police would have a motive, opportunity and physical evidence. A pretty strong case to pass to the DA.
But, he’s innocent, there’s no way he could do this.”
I know baby, it’s crazy. But I’m sure the police will figure it out.”
Kimber pursed her lips and looked down at the floor. While there was a good chance that might happen, she couldn’t resist the urge to get involved. This could not only be her big chance to prove herself, but also be a big step in helping her follow in her dad’s footsteps.
Are you at your place?”
Yes, I am, but--”
Okay, let me come over. I’ll be there in a few”

Kimber finished the call, sat on the bed and took a deep breath. Here it was, the opportunity she had been waiting for, the moment to make her dad proud of her. She licked her lips and rubbed the sweat off her palms on her pants. She had thought her first investigation would be about something small, like petty theft or some small time surveillance, like on a cheating spouse. But this involved murder and the stakes were high. Just failure would be bad enough, disappointing herself and her mom. But, beyond that, if she couldn’t pull this off, an innocent man, a close family friend, would go to jail.


In ONE week, "Smart As A Whip", the first novel featuring Kimber Cassidy will be available on Amazon! Mark your calendars for May 25th! You do not want to miss it! 

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