Friday, June 3, 2016

Saturday Spankings : Smart As A Whip

Saturday Spankings : Smart As A Whip

by Judith Anderson

If Rebel Wilson and Albert Einstein had a love child, it would be Kimber Cassidy.

I'm so excited to be back participating in Saturday Spankings, especially since I'm presenting my new release, "Smart As A Whip", a murder mystery and the first of a series featuring Kimber Cassidy.

Coming close to giving up on her cherished dream of following in her father's footsteps, Kimber Cassidy, a plus-size voluptuous beauty in her mid-twenties, jumps at the chance to clear the name of a family friend, Manny. There's been a murder at a local BDSM playspace and Manny's been framed for the crime. In order to keep an innocent man from spending his life in jail, Kimber needs to use the logical and analytical skills taught to her by her father, a detective with the East Alton police, who was killed in the line of duty when she was just sixteen.

During her investigation into not only the murder, but also the sexually provocative BDSM lifestyle, Kimber will need to use her wits to gather all the facts and figure out who killed a member of The Playspace; a local kinky club. But it won't be easy. During her adventure, she'll come to know things not only about her family, but about also about herself, that will shake her to the core.

Things become even more complicated when Kimber meets Jeremy, another club member who is as sexy as he is dominant. As she delves deeper into the world of spanking and bondage, she discovers her deepest dark desires, but will she get lost in them? Only by relying on her father's advice, facing her fears, and realizing who she can trust and who she can't, will she be able to keep a man from suffering for a crime he did not commit.

In this excerpt from the very opening of the novel, we get our first glimpse of Kimber.


The phone hummed against the nightstand. It moved as it vibrated, signaling a call. She ignored it and grabbed the headboard, pressing herself downward on the bed. Kimber Cassidy drew her chin up to her chest, panting. She was just about there, when he looked up. 

"Are you gonna get that?" She dropped her head against the pillow in frustration, then looked back up and rapped at his head between her legs. "The only thing I'm concerned about now is you eating me out." 

He dodged the hit, chuckled, and continued. Kimber tried to relax, when the phone started vibrating again. Fucking shit, she thought, I call a favorite over and all of a sudden, it's Grand Central Station. She closed her eyes, feeling his tongue play around her wet folds. He slipped his fingers inside her and she gasped, grabbing the headboard again, pushing against his fingers and bearing down. His name was Derrick, one of her favorites, who was especially skilled at this, and right now he was licking her clit as he slid his fingers deep inside her. Deep breaths turned into the loudest moans as she squeezed around his fingers, cumming hard. He started to ease up. 

"No, no, keep going," she grunted. She grabbed his head and pushed him closer to her, his tongue lapping up her cum as the waves of bliss came again, sending her body into shivers. 

"Fuck," she said as she relaxed her head against her pillow. Her sweet sighs filled the bedroom as he climbed up the side of her. 

"Sorry about the interruption, I just didn't know if you—" 

Kimber waved her hand. "Don't worry about it." She took a deep breath and rubbed her eyes. She loved the dreamy high that would fill her body after a good orgasm. Like being on a cloud. A wet, sweet-smelling, comfy cloud. Derrick kissed her and she could taste herself on his lips, which made her smile. 

He bit her bottom lip and she turned her head, giggling. 

"That's for batting your hand at me," he said. 

"Yeah well, that was for stopping."


An average of 4.5 Stars out of 12 reviews, Get Your Copy today and see what all the sexy smart goodness that Kimber is up to in her first adventure!

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  1. I take a look at the lady on your cover, and even though she's dressed in lingerie, I can tell she's tough enough I wouldn't want to mess with her. Love the snippet, Judith.

  2. LOVE kimber Cassidy..... your my new fav Author. ...

    I'm also available for spankings ����������

    1. Thank you so much hunni... And that's SO good to know ;-)

  3. This sounds intriguing, Judith, well done!

    1. Thank you Lucy, I really appreciate it! :)