Sunday, June 5, 2016

Masturbation Monday : Exciting Scene from "Smart As A Whip"

I'm so thrilled to be participating in my first Masturbation Monday blog hop! For my first entry, I'm going to include a masturbation scene that's in my just released novel "Smart As A Whip". It features Kimber Cassidy, a smart, sexy, plus-size young woman who is on her way of following her father's footsteps of solving crimes and exacting justice.

In this scene, she has just finished her first day's investigation of a murder at a local BDSM playspace and texting a certain sexy dominant she met that day named Jeremy Chambers.


Great, she thought. Now I'm horny. She tried calling Eric, but it just rang for a bit and then went to voicemail. She knew Derrick was doing a local show with his band tonight. Brad was out of town and Katrina was busy with midterms. She sighed. So, dinner and shower fun time it was. 

After she finished eating and had put the dishes in the drainer, the toll of the day hit her hard. She was also a bundle of excitement. She was actually doing what she had always wanted to do. Tomorrow was Sunday, and she wanted to use the day to figure out what information she needed to gather. Kimber pulled off her shirt and slipped out of her jeans and panties, tossing them in the hamper. She made her way to the bathroom and stood outside the tub, drawing the shower curtain closed and turning on the water. She stuck her hand in the shower to adjust the temperature, making sure it was just warm enough. 

Once that was to her satisfaction, she stepped inside and drew the curtain closed again. The water ran down her body, her fingers following the rivulets as they cascaded down her skin, raising goosebumps as they fell. Her nipples hardened as the streams ran past them. She put her face under the shower head, letting the water run over it and then she turned around to get her hair wet, feeling it stick to her back. She ran her fingers through it, rubbing her fingertips against her scalp, a relaxed smile playing on her lips as waves of water washed over her body. 

She slipped the shower head out of its holder and stepped to the back of the shower. She directed the water along her neck, feeling it run down her curves and then moved it to her breasts, letting the water beat against her hardened nipples. She took a sharp intake of air, feeling the sting. Heavy lids drooped her eyes as she slid the shower head lower and stepped one foot up on the edge of the tub. She rested her back against the cold tile wall as the water flowed against her lips below, already wet themselves. Her thoughts went to Jeremy, thinking of his smile and his long fingers. She let her body slide down the wall till she was sitting on the back end of the tub. The rivulets of water rushed past her swollen clit as moans escaped her lips. Her head lolled back against the wall and she closed her eyes. As one hand held the shower head steady against her, her other hand slid up her body and clutched her breast, her moans growing louder, reverberating against the tiles. The hand on her breast then slid up the tile wall she was leaning against and grabbed the towel rack, bracing herself as she scrunched her eyes closed, the water massage sending her over the edge. Curling her toes, she panted, dealing with each climax as they crowded each other, turning into sighs, shivers, moans and grunts and leaving her spent and panting. Her hand finally let go of the rack and dropped to her side. She opened her eyes, working a bit to get them to focus. 

Once she'd caught her breath, she stood carefully with her legs shaking slightly and completed her shower, lavishing herself with soap, shampoo, and rinsing herself clean. She turned off the water and sighed peacefully, opening up the curtain. If the mirror hadn't been completely fogged over, it would have seen her relaxed, content smile. She giggled at the thought, swiped some of the fog off the mirror and toweled herself off. 

Kimber brushed her hair as she walked out of the bathroom and then slipped into bed. She snuggled under the cover and thought about how, as extremely satisfying as her shower time had been, it still made her hungry for the real thing. Mr. Chambers, we will have to meet again sometime, she thought and closed her eyes. Very soon. 


Well, that's all for me this week.  Be sure to check out all the other wonderful other authors on the Masturbation Monday blog hop at this link.  I'm currently busy at work on Kimber's second as-yet-untitled second adventure, so NOW is the time to get caught up! Buy your copy of "Smart As A Whip today at these online vendors!

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