Monday, June 13, 2016

#masturbationmonday - Smart As A Whip

I'm so thrilled to be participating in another Masturbation Monday blog hop! I'm going to include yet another masturbation scene that's in my just released novel "Smart As A Whip". It features Kimber Cassidy, a smart, sexy, plus-size young woman who is on her way of following her father's footsteps of solving crimes and exacting justice.

In this excerpt, she has just broken into the house of Jim Trace, a man who was brutally murdered outside a local BDSM playspace, to see what she can find out about the victim. What she finds... certainly excites her!


The computer beeped, she looked to see the desktop had finally come up and she laid the remainder of the pictures aside. Kimber looked through the browser history and favorites and, aside from some porn sites, there was little to interest her there. 

She looked in the documents folder. Inside it was a video folder titled 'Scenes'. She opened it and the folder ended up being full of more than fifty videos. They had titles like 'Amber-flogging' and then a date. All the titles followed a similar nomenclature; first, the activity, then the woman's name and the date. She bit the bullet and opened one up. This one was titled 'Sindy-flogging' and it started with the two people at a St. Andrew's cross. It looked like the one at The Playspace. 'Sindy' was a little curvy, with long brunette hair gathered in a ponytail holder. She was also almost naked, wearing just a pair of panties. Jim was shirtless and wearing a trim pair of blue jeans. They were talking, but Kimber couldn't quite hear the conversation. Jim was attaching restraints to her wrists. After their discussion was over, Sindy turned so she was facing the cross and Jim attached the restraints to the chains that were hanging from the two upper points of the cross. He started by standing right behind her and rubbing her shoulders and then her back. His hands caressed her skin as she relaxed her head on the pillow that was in the crook of the cross. Then he stepped back about two or three paces and did a few practice swings with his flogger to see if he was far back enough. 

Then the proper swings began. Kimber was a little surprised; they were slow and light, landing on Sindy's back around the shoulder blade area. He didn't just start whaling on her, he appeared to be warming her up. During this time, the sub got comfortable, readjusting her head on the pillow and jangling her wrists, so the restraints were in a good spot on her wrists. After a few more warm up strikes, Jim walked back up to Sindy and whispered in her ear, she nodded, said something back, and he walked back to where he was. The swings started landing heavier and faint red marks became visible on Sindy's back once he was well into it. Her hands clasped the chains she was restrained to and pulled at them to deal with the pain. Kimber bit her lip as Sindy's moans drifted from the speakers, getting louder as the flogging progressed. After this volley of strikes, Jim stopped again and walked back up to her, his hands caressing where the marks were as he lay against her on the cross. He moved her hair and nibbled along her neck as Sindy scrunched her shoulders and giggled. His hand reached around to her breasts and from her squealed response, Kimber figured he was pinching her nipples. Hard. 

Kimber took a deep breath, aware that her own nipples were hardening against the fabric of her bra, as she sat back in the chair. Jim walked back to his previous position and started flogging harder, he also took shots at Sindy's ass, making her squeal in surprise and stand up on her toes. Kimber's own breath was deep and even through her nose, and her hand nestled without a thought between her legs. Her eyes blurred slightly as she pressed her fingers against herself. She pressed her lips together to keep herself quiet, surprising herself with how wet she was. The strikes came harder and faster, Sindy was now yelping loudly on certain hard strokes and her ass was getting the same warm red glow as her back. Jim stopped again and walked up to her with purpose and command, grabbing her hair, pulling it to the side and nibbling Sindy's neck. As Kimber's fingers worked her clit through her sweats, her other hand balled into a fist against the desk. Her breath came up in audible jags, watching Jim biting Sindy's neck and reaching around to clutch her breasts and tug at her nipples. Kimber leaned back more, knowing she would finish soon, and when Jim walked back to his spot and started working his strikes exclusively on Sindy's red striped ass, that did it. Kimber's head at first lolled back over the back of the chair and as she started cumming, she drew her head forward, chin to her chest and moaned loudly, cumming hard against her fingers. 

She slumped in the desk chair, taking a few deep breaths to get herself back under control. She stopped the video and then rubbed her eyes. She thought that in addition to the questions she wanted to ask Jeremy, there would definitely be a few more areas she would want to explore. She smiled and looked around the study.


Well, that's all for me this week.  Be sure to check out all the other wonderful other authors on the Masturbation Monday blog hop at this link.  I'm currently busy at work on Kimber's second as-yet-untitled second adventure, so NOW is the time to get caught up! Buy your copy of "Smart As A Whip today at these online vendors!

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