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WIP it up Wednesday : 2nd Kimber Cassidy book - Untitled

I'm so excited to be back participating in the WIP it up Wednesday blog hop, where authors are encouraged to share snippets from their works-in-progress.  Today, I'm especially excited to be sharing a snippet from the second of the series in Kimber Cassidy Mysteries.  The first exciting adventrue, "Smart As A Whip", was released by Blushing Books and I've been genuinely humbled from all the positive responses I've gotten from it!

Kimber Cassidy is a smart, sexy plus-size young woman in her mid-twenties, who is on her way of following in her father's footsteps of solving crimes and exacting justice. Her father, Douglas Cassidy, taught her everything he could before he was tragically killed in the line of duty when she was just 16.

She's big, beautiful, brash and blunt and she's going to catch the culprit, no matter what it takes.

In today's snippet from the as-yet-untitled sexy second installment of Kimber's mysteries, Kimber has just finished texting Jeremy Chambers, a sexy dominant male she met in "Smart As A Whip". She's with Bobby Chadwick, one of her best friends, meeting him for coffee at a local coffeehouse. One of the reasons she's there is one of her favorites, Derrick, has been working there and she's hoping for a little extra cream for her coffee. 


   Kimber texted ttyl and set her phone down.
    "You're blushing." Bobby said.
    "I said, you can hush now."
    "That's how I know it's him. You almost never blush, but you always blush with him."
    "We must have very different definitions of the word 'hush'."
    "You can't fool me, honey, he's special."
    Kimber picked her phone back up. "I'm gonna look up the definition, I'll text it to you."
    "You may have your 'favorites' that you call around when you wanna have your fun time. But Jeremy Chambers, he's special."
    "Done. You have no excuse now." Kimber put her phone back down.
    Bobby shook her head. He sighed and looked at his watch. "Well, I need to get back to work."
    "Has the paper been lost without me?"
    "Yeah, we had a memorial and everything."
    Kimber stuck her tongue at him and he did the same.
    They both stood and he gave her a hug. "Don't do anything I...oh, why do I bother saying that?"
    "I don't know." Kimber said, smiling and hugging him back.
    Bobby left and Kimber turned around and she saw Derrick, motioning with his head to the door leading to the stock room. She bit her lip and almost skipped to the back door. She entered the room and he was on her almost as soon as she was inside. He pressed her up against the storage rack and held her there, kissing her hard. She wrapped his arms around him and balled up her fists, grabbing handfuls of his shirt, holding him close. Their tongues met and played with each other like they had spent years apart. Kimber dropped one hand and lifted her skirt up. She grabbed his hand and guided it down between her legs, letting him feel how wet she was for him. His appreciation was audible as he nibbled his way down her body, and ducking his head underneath her skirt.
    She laid her head back against the storage rack and closed her eyes. He forced her legs apart and swung one leg over his shoulder, licking at her sweetness. She sighed in bliss as she felt his tongue playing with her clit. Grabbing his head, she forced it closer to her wet lips. She tried to lookout for anyone who might come in, but it was hard to keep her eyes focused. All she wanted to do was close them and surrender to the bliss washing over her. She wished she were tied up as he ate her and the idea of that made her moan. A lot of her fantasies has come to involve rope and restraint now and she loved the thought of what it would feel like. He licked her hungrily and she was just about to bear down and cum when she heard a loud voice come near the door. Her breath caught in her throat as she looked around. She didn't immediately see anybody, but she was quickly distracted as he slid his long fingers inside her. She tried to keep quiet, but it proved difficult as he dove his fingers deeper inside her, his tongue working her clit. Whimpers slipped from her lips as her pussy clenched around his fingers, cumming hard and feeling it stream down her legs.
    "Goddammit, fuck me," she said, gasping. He wasted no time. He stood up and Kimber heard his pants drop to his feet. She grabbed the vertical uprights of the storage rack to the sides of her head and wrapped her legs around him as he slid inside her. He was rock hard and felt amazing, his cock driving deep inside her. Her head dropped on his shoulder as he fucked her hard and fast. She bit his shoulder, muffled cries escaping her lips, cumming again and then feeling him throb inside her as he released his passion. His pace slowed until they were just kissing passionately. She dropped her quivering legs, steadying herself before she let go of the rack. He slid from inside her and bent down to pull up his pants.
    "You certainly worked for your tip, didn't you?" Kimber said, giggling.
    Derrick smiled as he redid his belt. "I aim to please, baby."
    "Always a pleasure," she said, kissing him again.
    "Maybe I'll be by after my gig tonight."
    "Sounds like a plan baby, text me."
    He winked at her as he left to go back out to the counter.
    Kimber sighed and rubbed her eyes. She smoothed her skirt down and looked out both ways before she made her way out. The bagels may suck, but the place does have new found benefits, she thought and smiled.


Well, that's it for this week. Don't forget to check out the other wonderful authors in this blog hop and if you haven't gotten "Smart As A Whip", NOW is the time to get caught up! I hope to have the second book out by the end of the year, so get your copy of Kimber's first amazing adventure at the following stores!!

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