Wednesday, June 15, 2016

WIP It Up Wednesday - Snippet from Untitled Kimber project!

I'm so excited  participating in the WIP it up Wednesday blog hop again.  Today, I'm especially excited to be sharing another snippet from the second of the series in Kimber Cassidy Mysteries.  The first exciting adventrue, "Smart As A Whip", was released by Blushing Books and I've been genuinely humbled from all the positive responses I've gotten from it!

Kimber Cassidy is a smart, sexy plus-size young woman in her mid-twenties, who is on her way of following in her father's footsteps of solving crimes and exacting justice. Her father, Douglas Cassidy, taught her everything he could before he was tragically killed in the line of duty when she was just 16.

She's big, beautiful, brash and blunt and she's going to catch the culprit, no matter what it takes.

In today's snippet, Kimber is meeting with her old friend, Chrissy, whose family has just come back from England, when her father just got transferred back home by his work. Not long after, he was killed in a manner similar to a serial killer's MO. The Tarot Card Killer terrorized East Alton back when Kimber was a teenager and her father was alive, investigating the killings.

Kimber meets Chrissy at a hotel bar to comfort her friend and catch up on old times. Over drinks, Kimber tells Chrissy about her work at the paper and her investigation of a murder at a BDSM playspace (covered in "Smart As A Whip") and her dating the sexy dominant, Jeremy Chambers.  Chrissy implores her friend to help investigate her father's death and Kimber agrees, hoping to get to the bottom of the grisly murder.


    Kimber nodded, recording it all in her pad. Chrissy smiled. Kimber looked up to notice. "What?"
    "Nothing baby. It's just that I remember when I left, you were so lost, because of what had happened. And now...its just so cool to see."
    Kimber felt her cheeks flush and she smiled. "Well, appearances can be deceiving."
    "Oh, is there something up?"
    Kimber thought briefly about telling her all of what happened. "A conversation for another time."
    "Oooo," Chrissy said, giggling, she leaned forward in her chair. "It's a date, baby."
    Kimber started giggling too. She was starting to feel her whiskey and she could tell Chrissy was settling into her buzz. Chrissy picked up Kimber's hand from the table and held it, her fingers tracing around the top and around her knuckles. "Sooo, Miss Kimber, Private Eye, anything else you'd like to know?"
    "Ummm," Kimber took a deep breath, feeling her toes curl in her shoes. "Do you know if I could talk to your mom sometime?"
    "Oh yeah, sure, no problem. She'd been wondering about you, so I'm sure she'll be glad to see you. Probably not tonight, though."
    Chrissy giggled again. "I'm in no shape to see my mom tonight. I'm just gonna go up to my room."
    "Okay baby, that's fine," Kimber said as she watched Chrissy down the rest of her drink. "Do you need any help?"
    "Nope," Chrissy said, waving her hand, "I'm fine." Chrissy stood up and wobbled a bit. Then she went to push her chair in and almost fell, bending over the table.
    Kimber steadied her back to her feet. "How about if I help you back up to your room, baby?"
    "Aww," she said, resting her head on Kimber's shoulder, "you're such a good friend."
    Kimber smiled and pointed Chrissy in the right direction out of the restaurant.  They made their way through the lobby and then to the elevators. While they waited, Chrissy leaned on Kimber a bit and started sniffing around your neck.
    "What are you doing?" Kimber asked.
    "I'm smelling your hair. Your hair smells terrific."
    Kimber smirked. "It's because I use that shampoo."
    "What shampoo?"
    "'Gee, your hair smells terrific'."
    Chrissy snorted. "I haven't washed my hair in a couple of days, I'm a mess."
    "No, I meant the shampoo I use."
    "What shampoo do you use?"
    "'Gee, your hair smells terrific'."
    "No, I told you I haven't washed my hair..."
    Just then the elevator door opened.
    "Saved by the bell," Kimber said, as she helped Chrissy into the elevator. Chrissy stepped inside and leaned on one of the side walls.
    "What floor are you on?"
    "Yeah, I figured you weren't in the basement, I just didn't know what floor."
    Chrissy pointed up at the elevator ceiling. "It's up there."
    Kimber rubbed her face, it was high school all over again. "Do you have your room key?"
    She dug through her purse and after awhile, triumphantly held up a key so Kimber could look at it. She noted the number, 1407. Kimber pushed the button for the fourteenth floor. When the door opened, they made their way to Chrissy's room and Kimber helped her with her key to open the door.
    "Thank you honey, for coming down and seeing me and everything." Chrissy gave her a hug. She leaned into her, partially to keep from falling over and Kimber felt her body press into hers. Kimber grabbed hold of her to steady her and bit her lip.
    "No worries baby, I'll text you tomorrow," she said. Once Chrissy had her balance back, she nodded and stepped back.
    Kimber had just turned to go, when she felt a sharp strike on her ass. Her eyes went wide as she slowly turned her head back to look at Chrissy. She was giggling, a perfect match for her mischievous grin.
    "KINKY!" she exclaimed and then giggled more as she went into her room and shut the door.


Well, that's it for this week. Don't forget to check out the other wonderful authors in this blog hop and if you haven't gotten "Smart As A Whip", NOW is the time to get caught up! I hope to have the second book out by the end of the year, so get your copy of Kimber's first amazing adventure at the following stores!!

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  1. LOL!!! My best friend and I play like this, though I think these need to do more than just play. ;) Great scene.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! And I think you're right.. ;-)

    2. Thank you so much for your comment! And I think you're right.. ;-)